Influencer Marketing 101: Modern Marketing for Modern Brands

Whether your brand is new or established, there is one thing in common between you. This common factor is the need for marketing. With social media marketing, there is no doubt that traditional marketing (although prevalent) is not as effective as it once was.

Enter, influencer marketing. This new kid on the block is still evolving. Yet, there is no denying the appeal and credibility it has gained among the masses today.

As a result, it only makes sense for brands to get the help of influencers for marketing. Influencers are where your target audience is. So, you should be where the influencers are. Influencer marketing is, without a shadow of a doubt, a very effective form of marketing. It also looks like it is here to stay.

TL; DR: If you want your brand to reach a few people and be virtually outdated, opt for traditional and expensive marketing.

If you want your brand to be a roaring success among your desired audience without selling an arm and leg for it, opt for influencer marketing. You won’t regret it.

Without further ado, here’s a deep dive into the flourishing world of social media influencers and influencer marketing.

Who are Influencers and what is Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are people with a sizeable following on major social media platforms. They create trending content for a niche and share this with their followers. The more stylistic, engaging or goofy your content is the more people like it and the more your following grows. Some popular niches are travel, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, beauty, food, gaming and journalism.

Influencers attract people who like or are interested in the content they post. They can influence the buying decisions of their followers.

Marketing a product or a service via an influencer is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is one of the highest revenue-generating forms of digital marketing.

What Do Influencers Do?

As the moniker suggests, influencers’ content influences their followers’ buying decisions. They introduce brands they favor and dislike. In the same content, they rate brands across a variety of touch points. These product introductions start as unpaid sponsorships. As the influencer’s popularity grows, brands rope them in for paid sponsorships. The audience is now exposed to a new avenue of purchasing options. It has the added benefit of showing how the product or service works in real life.

The product-heavy content of some creators is akin to a window display service but with the convenience of accessing it at any time. The audience has been shopping vicariously through the influencer’s content all this time.Now, they are nudged to make purchases recommended by their favorite influencers.

What Impact Do Social Media Influencers Have?

The mysterious charm of influencers is not much of a mystery. You have a person who creates content for a particular niche. Through this, they curate a self-image that claims to be the golden standard of living. This is achieved through aesthetic snapshots and dreamy videos with picturesque backgrounds. Such a set-up is hard to resist and social media users are pulled into the influencer’s world as if by a magnet and don’t leave.

Any product or service advertised by influencers seems like the real deal. The audience tends to buy these products –whether they can afford to or not. They believe that their lives will be beautiful and improved with these products. Just like the social media influencer‘s.

To give an example, let’s take skincare influencers or “skinfluencers”. Skincare influencers are experts in skin care products and skincare regimens. They routinely introduce products that solved issues or helped them achieve their flawless look. Seeing the wondrous effects, the audience buys the products to get the same results.

How Can Brands Leverage This?

For a new product, many components make its launch a success. The first thing to do is to get the word out. This, as we all know, is the first step of marketing. Your brand lets the target market know that a product hits stores today. For this, brands usually commission high-scale video or print ads.

Based on how the ads perform, sales start coming in. It is through a combination of rotating ads and word-of-mouth that the product/service remains in the public eye and is purchased. The above is more or less a traditional method of brand introduction or brand marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

If you’re a brand that loves:

(i) Unconventional marketing

(ii) Remaining relevant

then we’d love to explain influencer marketing to you. With influencer marketing, you have to first find an influencer with your target customers. Next, you have to approach them and ask if they will do the marketing for you. The influencer will create content marketing your product/service in their signature style. The resulting promotional material is more effective at attracting customers than traditional marketing.

The reasons are many. First, influencer marketing is not as direct as traditional marketing. Generally, audiences are not expecting an ad when they watch an influencer’s content. This is why it is very effective. Second, an influencer’s slice-of-life social media feed makes it appealing to an average customer to buy the product.

An average customer wants to emulate an influencer’s lifestyle. This is because it looks easier to achieve than a celebrity’s lifestyle. Even if the influencer and the celebrity endorse the same brand. The customer has seen the way the product looks in the influencer’s life. It is devoid of special effects that are a trademark of TV ads and as a result, seems life-enhancing. They have seen the product used and appreciated by a real person that they find relatable. This convinces them to make that purchase.

The effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign lies also in the marketing strategy. If your brand has no strategy, then there is no point in having influencers promote your product. An idea without an actionable strategy will remain just that: an idea.

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