Destress and decorate your living space!

Staying home for most of the past year has made us realise the importance of maintaining a clean, de-stressed space. While we are sure you have mastered the art of brooming and dusting, here is a home decor trend that you should not miss out on!

The term ‘Aromatherapy’ came into existence in 1937. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist burnt his hand during an experiment. After dipping it in lavender oil for relief, he realised it was indeed healing it! 

Over the years, people have discovered new ways to use aromatherapy not only medicinally, but as an accessory too. The scent from essential oils make your living spaces smell significantly better, besides calming your nerves down. From perfumes and candles to diffusers, these oils have gained tremendous popularity over the ages. 

Scented candles and essential oils have been trending for a while now. They contain herbs which are proven to alleviate headaches and reduce stress, anxiety and agitation. With our monotonous routines and the world becoming chaotic by the day, it was only natural for aromatherapy to make a comeback. What’s better, is that now we can make it a part of our decor! 

Candles come beautifully packaged in glass jars and tins, making them the perfect decoration for all the little corners of your home. They make up for an ultimate date night accessory, too. Light one of these pretty things on your dinner table and you’re sure to hear some great compliments!

14 thoughts on “Destress and decorate your living space!”

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